We offer 15 gourmet cupcakes baked fresh daily.

Maple Bacon Golden butter cake with candied bacon mixed in, maple buttercream crown this delicious cupcake sprinkled with candied bacon.

Samoa Vanilla caramel cake covered with caramel buttercream, toasted coconut then drizzled with more caramel and milk chocolate.

Grasshopper A brilliant concoction of Swiss milk chocolate and mint flavors have been reborn in this modern cupcake. Creme de menthe buttercream.

Lemon Burst Moist lemon chiffon cake filled with a tart lemon coulis, lemonade whipped icing top this burst of sunshine.

Old Fashion Chocolate Traditional milk chocolate cake dressed with milk chocolate buttercream or vanilla buttercream.

Fireball A spin on the classical southern red velvet cupcake, because “frankly, my dear, we don’t give a …!”

Bond. James Bond Velvet. Black velvet. A dark chocolate flavored cupcake with dark chocolate icing. Of course, shaken, not stirred!

Huck Finn This purple velvet cupcake is a luscious blend of huckleberries with milk and white chocolates, topped with a white chocolate buttercream. (seasonal)

Pink Ballerina A delicate dance of white wine, strawberries and white chocolate make this pink velvet exquisite.

Marilyn Monroe More than just a vanilla cake. Our white velvet start with pure vanilla bean cake filled with a white chocolate ganache iced with a white chocolate mocha buttercream.

Yin-Yang Chocolate espresso, marbled with vanilla bean cake filled with a silky caramel sauce topped with raspberry buttercream.

Root Beer Yes, root beer. Just like a float but in a cupcake. Root beer cake filled and topped with a creamy whipped vanilla icing.

German Chocolate Our favorite… german chocolate cake with mounds of homemade caramel coconut pecan icing.

PB&C  Chocolate peanut butter cake paired with a creamy peanut butter buttercream topped with a peanut butter cup.

Snickerdoodle Vanilla bean cake mixed with white chocolate and cinnamon baked to perfection, topped with a chocolate cinnamon buttercream and drizzled with caramel.



Single: $3.25
Six pack: $18
Dozen: $30

Other Items

Cinnamon Rolls: $4
Caramel Rolls: $4
Bottled Drinks: $2

Want a cake instead?

All of our cupcake flavors are available in larger cakes.


8″ round double layer: $24
10″ round double layer: $35

Quarter Sheet

Single layer (serves 18-24): $25
Double layer (serves 20-25): $40

Half Sheet

Single layer (serves 36-54): $45

Full Sheet

Single layer (serves 64-96): $85